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Welcome to Quick Accounting

Success of any business enterprise in anchored on the efficiency and efficacy of the management team at the helm. Building a prosperous business empire is the dream of every person.
Many never wake to the reality and the beauty of their dreams. Some stubble, some fall on the way, others never even rise to take the first baby step to their cherished dream.

We at Quick Accounting understand and appreciated that building a successful business is a complex matter, puzzled with hurdles and challenges. Drawing from expert knowledge , practical skills, years of experience and industry exposure, we offer you a lifeline to your business and ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that beset many would-be business entrepreneurs.

Our Business Consultants bring you a wealth of expert knowledge and practical experience in the business management, business accounting and reporting, information technology and personell management.
We serve both small and large business enterprises as well as busy individuals whose aspire to run successful businesses as they retail their day job.
On top of monitoring the top items of your financial statements we help business owners and managers control manage their bottom-line.

We offer very competitive pricing options, which ensures that you only pay for what you need.

You will always appreciate that as a business owner, you always want to achieve so much but there is always no time to do it.
You mean to do the right thing, organize your activities and get everything streamlined, but the run of the mill gets you constantly distracted from the great plan.
Organizing is not really your first priority, the main concern of course sale and production without which nothing to organize. However, as your business grows you may have realized that the task of organizing has become even more daunting and there is too little time to get things done.

At Quick Accounting we relief you of this task from your table by offering you one or more of the following services:-

  1. Payroll service including remittance of salaries to employees accounts, PAYE returns filing on iTax, NSSF and NHIF returns filing.
  2. Filing of your monthly VAT returns on iTax
  3. Preparation of timely management accounts
  4. Setting up for your business a system of internal controls
  5. Internal audit  and controls for your business
  6. Proper stock and cash management and controls
  7. Professional advise on how to run your business profitably
  8.  Work with your external auditor to coordinate annual statutory audit

This list could be endless, but you will appreciate that indeed you require a helping hand to move your business to success. Why don’t you start by talking to us, and how things could turn out for you.