Many small and medium enterprises continue to operate their businesses with little or no access to financial literacy and skills that drive businesses to higher profit levels.
These limitations mainly caused by the fact that SMEs are unable to hire and maintain qualified and experienced accounts and finance professionals to run their businesses poss a great risk to the survival of many small businesses. Accounts staff turnover seeking high paying jobs leaves many small businesses in great disarray.
To address this, among many other challenges affecting the success of SMEs, the idea of Quick Accounting was born.
Quick Accounting has everything to do to with bookkeeping, accounting and finance function of an organisation. We believe that the accounting function is the brain-child of any organization regardless of the size and volume of it’s transactions.
To help many SMEs access this crucial service in the running of their businesses we have developed products that are readily affordable to any business organization.
We also seek to provide a continual smooth function of our clients accounts and bookkeeping functions occasionally interrupted by staff turnovers.
We have combined aggregate experience of over 15 years in bookkeeping and accountancy. This touches service industries, manufacturing concerns, trading entities, NGOs, Non-profit organizations across the private sector.
We also place great emphasis in embracing modern technological techniques to manage the modern business. In line with this we have put in place two service centers, Webdesign and software development.
Our love and passion is to work with small and medium business owners and investors to help them understand and better control their bottom line. With this understanding, business owners will see their business experience the growth they envisioned.